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Room to breath

Hi all,

Well, I've an idea for all us AOLer's that can take advantage of the services
they do provide.

If I can get enough of us interested I will set-up a Dinosaur room in their
member to member area say, every Saturday night at 8 CDST. I don't know how
many of us there are, but maybe enough to get some good out of it. Hey, it
ain't 'bout human sexuality, and that could be something special in and of
itself. (Sorry Exon and Newt  :-)  )!

Besides, maybe we can pull in some other voices that know nothing of this
list,not that there's anything wrong with the list. the way I figure it we
can rattle on for as long as we want, and it feels more like personal
interaction than cold text. Again, not putting this forum down one little

Let me know what you think, all you hidden AOLer's.

Roger A. Stephenson      lightwaves@aol.com  PowerMac user/Pro Artist.