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Re: option re pachy head banging

> PS Have you ever noticed that in books plant eating dinos eat leaves and none 
> are mentioned eating fruit??? 

Thats a point but I'm not sure how much of it is related to artistic oversight
and lack of cluefullness and how much of it is accurate. Not being a 
paleobotanist, I can't say for certain, but it would seem to me that a
plant which bears large ovary-like objects(i.e. fruit) would have to be
a relatively complex type of organism capable of storing large 
amounts of energy(such as sugars) and then pouring them into many fruits.
This also supposes some sort of pollenization scheme which requires bees
and/or other insects to carry out a large portion of the pollenization.
All of which basically begs the question:How long have we had fruit trees?
Or, more broadly, how does the development and increases in complexity and
specialization of plant life compare to animal life in terms of time?
Faster than, slower, about the same?---or are these(no pun intended)
apples and oranges?