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Some of you won't forgive me if I start a toy-dino thread again but, I'm afraid,
it has to happen. Not (please) likewise with the Nessie stuff - I consider it
an insult to discuss this on a dinosaur list.

(But not that much of an insult: having studied lake monsters, I believe that
Nessie is a combination of standing wakes, the clever showmanship of a man
called Donald Campbell, and possibly a live sturgeon or two [I recently dug out
a photo of a giant sturgeon that LACKED dorsal spines, and therefore smooth-
backed lake monsters can, after all, be sturgeons]  Doc Sheils photos are fake,
and any weird monster sightings are as much the evolution of perceived beast-
icons as they are distortions of 'normal' animals (otters, swimming deer and a
cormorant). If you'd like more info, or would want to discuss this further, I
suggest personal e-mail, not listing)

Ahem, dinosaurs... yes, I said DINOSAURS. You know, those.. those (hell, can't
categorise a dinosaur can you?). Does anybody know when Tom Holtz will be
available again? Does anybody know if the Cedar Mountain dromaeosaur has been
named/described yet? Has Raptor Red come out in the US yet? If so, please fill
me in. 

Following the discovery of the amazing allosaurid _Cryolophosaurus_, its
describers wrote a popular article on the evolution of theropods. Could some
kind soul please send me the ref for this (of course, if it was in OMNI, another
kind soul will have to send me a copy of it). Many thanks. PETER BUCCHOLTZ ARE
YOU THERE... please mail me if so....

I tried ordering Dinosaur Eggs and Babies the other day. I say tried because the
damn thing cost 55 quid! 55! So I then tried ordering through inter-library
loan. AND they said that it was soooo expensive that they might not be able to
get it for me! What a joke... what about freedom of information? I don't call
55 quid freedom of information. Carp carp carp carp.


I recently acquired a job-lot of the limited edition, Safari boxed
_Velociraptor_. If you're interested in obtaining one, please mail me.

So long floks...err.. folks

"The white one will go up there and he leaps over that - - and he may come - -
 go along a little way and then he'll probably jump back over again"  "Why - why
haven't you got someone down here to try and shoot them?"
"Your name is being called by things that are not addressed nor listened to.
Sometimes they blow trumpets"
Paul, err, Dr. Willis, did you mean phacopines?