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Re: Neil & Nessie?

> >Any of the above and items promoting the development of tourism >in the Loch
> Ness area do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of this 
> >contributer.

Before I answer this, please let me apologise for sending the Fortey 
on Granites massage to the dinosaur list, I sent it to the wrong 
list.....sorry, sorry, sorry 3'*(
> Ok Neil, you brought it up and I've been dying to ask:  What ARE your
>  beliefs about the "Loch Ness Monster"?   What, in your educated opinion, is
> going on there?
Well Bill, 

I believe that there is definitely something there.  Plesiosaur? NO! 
Dinosaur? NO! NO! NO!

Fish? Seal? Otter? YES!.....perhaps.  I have not seen any evidence to 
suggest that there is an outrageously large animal in the loch.  If 
it were a fish rather than a mammal (or reptile), that would explain 
the lack of sightings.  If it were a land mammal, that too would 
explain the small number of sightings.  I think that the sightings 
that are made are due to a variety of causes.  I don't believe that 
you can pin all of the sightings to one source animal as many appear 
to be doing.  The 'monster' beliefs arise from the attempt to do just 
that.  Trying to imagine what sort of animal could cause all the 
different types of sightings.  I would like to say that I can pass 
all sightings to particular animals or plain hallucination, but I 
can't.  I am not a marine/fresh water zoologist, but I think that I 
can safely stick my head on the block and say that there is no way 
a plesiosaur, or a dinosaur, lives in Loch Ness.  There I've said it, 
and will probably be damned by the Scottish tourist board now.


PS I remember someone saying that the 'monster' could not be a 
sturgeon because no caviar had been found in the loch.