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Re: Pachys (long, funny)

>No, No, No, nothing like that. You see pachycephelosaurids lived in forests.
>The only thing is that they had very poor eyesight. Also, through a freak of
>evolution, they developed a neck position which left the skull facing down
>while they were running, leaving them with a very narrow field of vision,
>and almost no straight-ahead vision. The trouble was, they kept running into


>James Shields  -  jshields@iol.ie  -  http://www.iol.ie/~jshields

   James, how dare you, how DARE you, post such a thing.  Don't you know
that many, if not most, of the people on this list have limited mailbox
space and don't want it filling up with useless junk such as your post?

   We must not be frivolous!  We must only post on topic!  We must not post
useless junk!  Seig Heil!  Seig Heil!  Seig Heil!

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