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Re: Pachys (long, funny)

>Whooooaaaaahhh there Ralph!

Yes, I've got it! I've figured it out!

>> Running a 1/4 mile before bashing ...

No, No, No, nothing like that. You see pachycephelosaurids lived in forests.
The only thing is that they had very poor eyesight. Also, through a freak of
evolution, they developed a neck position which left the skull facing down
while they were running, leaving them with a very narrow field of vision,
and almost no straight-ahead vision. The trouble was, they kept running into

Now you would think that under normal circumstances, survival of the fittest
would weed out such unlikely critters, but pachycephelosaurs had one
competitive advantage which guarenteed their success: flourescant pink

Flourescant pink colouring? I kid you not. So although the
pachycephelosaurid lay in a dazed heap at the bottom of a tree, apparently
vulnerable to passing tyrannosaurs, since the the tyrannosaur was lying on
it's back, overcome with laughter, it's arms to short to even hold it's
sides, the pachycephelosaur had more than enough time to escape unharmed.

As pachycephelosaurids evolved, and became faster runners, they gained even
more rediculous colourings, thicker skulls, and generally better equiped to
withstand impacts.

The eventual extinction of the pachycephelosaurs occured in the late
cretaceous when they were no longer able to find enough food for tour busses
full of ceolurosaurs.

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