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Re: Recovering Fossils

> Although the context and association of fossils collected by amateurs is
> always in question, the following is FYI:
> Q. Could you tell me whom to contact concerning the value of a fossil that's
> about 300 million years old?
> A. Write J. Kenneth Blackwell, who buys, sells, collects, appraises and deals
> in fossils, c/o N.W.F.I. Corp.; P.O. Box 16205; Panama City, FL 32406-6205.

Does Mr. Blackwell have any sort of professional credentials(other than that
of being a dealer in fossils) that make him a better contact point than others
or is this just a cleverly diguised ad?

If so, what are they?
If not, how did this make it onto the list and why should't I just go to
Jeff and Akbar's Fossil Hut instead?

Sorry to sound so acerbic, but based on the content of the message, this sounds
little better than those diamond/jewelry appraiser ads you hear on the radio
all the time....