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Recovering Fossils

Although the context and association of fossils collected by amateurs is
always in question, the following is FYI:
Q. Could you tell me whom to contact concerning the value of a fossil that's
about 300 million years old?
A. Write J. Kenneth Blackwell, who buys, sells, collects, appraises and deals
in fossils, c/o N.W.F.I. Corp.; P.O. Box 16205; Panama City, FL 32406-6205.
Enclose whatever information you have and (if possible) a clear photo of the
fossil and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply.
     Blackwell says fossil collecting has exploded over the last several
years, especially after the release of the movie ''Jurassic Park.''
     Blackwell provides services for those who have been left fossil
collections by their relatives or who have personally collected them and do
not have any ideas where to sell them or what their value is.