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Re: Bone heads

At 6:38 PM 7/16/95, Darren R. Grocke wrote:
>Was watching TV last night briefly and there wasa commercial where two
>bison ran to each other (very fast mind you) and hit "head on".  They
>looked a bit stunned and dazed, but have records of skull fracturing or
>splintering occurred in bison.  If not then, the liklihood of pachy's head
>butting doesn't seem too unrealistic.......especially if you saw that
>commercial...it brought a tear to my eyes and a thumping head-ache soon

        It's getting a bit off subject here, but here's a great anecdote:
in Thermopolis, Wyoming, there's a restaurant that was opened originally by
a fabulous big-game hunter in the early part of the century; consequently,
the place is decorated with about a zillion stuffed specimens of some of
the most exotic animals imagineable.  Even better is a tremendous photo
gallery of all kinds of things.

        Amongst the photos is one set of 4 sequential photos of two bull
moose about to antler-wrestle.  One moose is an older fellow, with
absolutely tremendous antlers; the other is a younger buck with much
smaller antlers.  The first photo shows the two facing off.  The second
photo shows the two with antlers locked.  The third shows that the big bull
has torn the smaller bull's antlers _clean_off_its_head_ -- they're hanging
from the big bull's antlers.  The fourth photo shows the smaller buck
running away.

        How's _that_ for intraspecific combat?  8-)

Jerry D. Harris
Schuler Museum of Paleontology
Southern Methodist University
        (Compuserve:  73132,3372)

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