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At 10:44 AM 7/17/95, D.W.Naish wrote:
>Perhaps just as well, perhaps not, but, due to the 'disk quota' probs I'm
>having, I'm only getting Ralph's messages right now. Please forgive me if this
>has already been posted, but please fill me in on the 'new'
>specimen. Are the horns referred to the ones on the snout (i.e. already known
>from the other _Pachycephalosaurus_ specimen)? Or are they new structures, like
>those of _Stygimoloch_? Waiting with bated (note spelling you-know-who-you-
>are) breath.......

        I take iot you're referring to the nes Triebold specimen -- rumor
has it that it's got somewhat-_Stygimoloch_-like horns on the rear of the
skull, but it's also got smaller hornlets on the ventral rear edge of the
lower jaws, as well, which isn't know from other pachys.

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