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Return from hell and upper Hell Creek Formation

Hi folks,

A brief report on the dig led by Russ Jacobson and Steve Storka in South
Dakota, and dealing with the upper Hell Creek formation.  

We survived the hottest days I can imagine either in S. Dakota or Death
Valley.  However we had plenty of sunscreen(SPF 50), and enough water to
remain alive.

We struck hadrosaur, and found much of one individual, extracted articulated
rib and vertabrate, femur, and other yet to be ID'ed bone. We found a
fragmented jaw, bits of teeth, and maybe enough material to get a positive
species identification. This is only the tip if the iceberg, so to speak.

After splitting the team into diggers and searchers on Thursday, the last of
what we risked exposing was jacketed, and remarkable things were found.

Mark Sumner, a fellow member of the party, and I both feel what was
discovered by the search team will be the Creataceous equal to Como Bluff.
Tyrannosaridae dental material, black as night and remarkably intact was
found in association with bone.  Ceratopsian legs, crossed in typical
overbank deposition, and literal rivers of decomposed bone falling from an
obvious layer higher up on the bluff.  I am convinced this site will produce
many complete specimens in the next few years.

When I have rested more I will reference my notes, and post more.

Roger A. Stephenson   lightwaves@aol.com   exhausted dino digger!  :-)