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Re: Bone heads

On Sat, 15 Jul 1995, Jerry D. Harris wrote:
> [...] However, the bony domes
> aren't the only evidence to support the "ramming" reason for their
> existence.  The entire vertebral column of pachys (such as they are
> known...) is set up to brace for impact -- the neck and the back verts are
> especially well-suited for this.  They are, quite simply, shock absorbers.
> For the shock to travel all the way down like that, impacts would have to
> be close to head-on...not by swinging the head from side-to-side (as I
> understand it).  [...]
Do the domes - or the vertebrae exhibit any signs of having been 
involved in impacts? Cracks, fractures, etc.? Something that might
give a clue as to whether or not such occurred?