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Re: Pachycephalosaurs

In a message dated 95-07-14 11:16:26 EDT, you write:

> that the dome fits the sexual model better - that's why they have the
> best documented sexual dimorphism in the dinos - but certainly if a
> theropod is about to eat you I'd do anything I could. Saw movies of an
> elk fighting a grizzly with its big rack for defense. Was pretty impressive
> as a defensive stand - didn't work but the elk had guts - and then we saw
> them.

I was just going to say that. But I'll add that in most of the horned beasts,
the males (bucks) have no problem resorting to their antlers either for
defence or sex. Since I hunt deer, I have read stories of hunters getting
gored by rutting bucks who often attack from behind or while the hunter
climbs into his stand,  sometimes being killed! ( I know the veggie lovers
enjoyed  that one!) .With few execeptions, (ie pack huters)  even the most
fiersome predator will have second thoughts about taking on a rutting buck in
full prime!   I can envision a cornered pachy putting his head down and
making a despartion charge at a hungry tyrannosaurid.
  Nova, Nature, Wild Americal etc.

                                                        Thomas R. Lipka