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Nuorosaurus and U of CA Paleo.

Has anybody seen the Chinese dinosaur exhibit that had its most recent
exposure in Atlanta.  The centerpiece is an 85-foot long sauropod,
Nuorosaurus (sp?), which doesn't have a particularly long neck or tail, so
try to imagine the size of its torso and legs...IT'S BIG!  Does anybody know
more about this sauropod?  I.e. What is known of it?    The hips, head and
feet look like replacements, is that all or is there less?  Any references

On another note, the May 1995 issue of Internet World had a page devoted to
Paleontology sites, including our favorite dinosaur discussion list.  I'm
having trouble logging into the University of California's Museum of
Paleontology at:


Is it open yet?  How does one get in there?

aka David Peters, St. Louis