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Re: definition of Chicxulub

In a message dated 95-07-12 17:25:35 EDT, you write:

>cuerno = horn; asta = shaft, horn, antler
>so, a horn broken by a cut
>According to one old Spanish-Maya dictionary (apparently compiled in
>the 16th century), _xulub_ means "cuerno de venado o de otro animal"
>(horn of a deer or other animal). 

I am no expert on either Maya or Spanish. But the Maya do fascinate me. Just
in case you missed Tom Holtz's post on this, he has said that Chicxulub means
'devils horn' but the" horn" is translated literally referring to the male
organ!  Your translation  clears up at least in my mind, why they would name
a place after a "pierced devils organ". The Mayans/Aztecs practiced a form of
male genital mutilation whereby the King would pierce his foreskin to let
blood for a ritual. The blood was soaked on paper and burned, and the king
was supposed to see visions of the gods as a result.  This was the  ultimate
act of religiousness they could perform next to human sacrifice!  I guess I
would see God too if that were me ;-)

                                               Thomas R. Lipka