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The French and the thickheads.

>> >Rally against the resumption of French nuclear testing in the South
>> >Pacific: boycott French products NOW!!!
>>    Hell, just rally against the French period.  They must be eradicated in
>> our time!!!!
>Speaking of the French, I heard this morning that there was an
>article in a Sunday paper stating that a new 60 foot long sauropod
>had been discovered there.  Anyone know any more?
>On a secondary matter, I was brought up very near to the French
>border with Switzerland (about 2 feet away), and although there was a
>lot of petty disagreements at the border posts between the two
>countries, it was purely political and did not reflect upon the more
>important personal level interactions.  I have to also say that I
>have just been invited to give an all-expenses-paid  lecture on dinosaurs
>in Beaune, Cote d'Or.  This year is also the 700th anniversary of the
>Ancien Alliance between Scotland and France with whom we have more in
>common than the English ;-).  In this spirit I can agree with the
>first sentiment expressed above, but not the second.


 I completely agree. My protest is against the French decision to resume
nuclear testing in our backyard, it should not be taken as an open affront
to all French people. Unfortunately, the only course of protest available
to individuals in Australia (or elsewhere for that matter) is to boycott
French products.

For all those about to jam my Email address with "you didn't talk about
dinosaurs", I'll add on this comment for a thread;

What is the current accepted wisdom on what pachycephalosaurs used their
heads for? I think that the case for male to male combat holds as much
water as the Rainbow Warrior (No 1, not No 2). The head is better designed
for delivering a Liverpool Kiss to an impending predator. What is hte
general feeling out there?

Cheers, Paul


Rally against the resumption of French nuclear testing in the South
Pacific: boycott French products NOW!!!