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Fwd: Palaeontology and the Environment

Steve Okay seems a bit futile in his apraisal of our future.  He may be
right, but not because it is inevitable. We are really the first species that
have the ability to do something aboput our environment.  We are not the
first by any imagination to mess up the environment, look what elephants do
to the environments they live in or the effect the prairie dog holes have on
the plains.  We can evolve into something different than has ever happened on
this planet or we can go the way of every thing else. But we won't stay the
way we are.

Kinda interesting I think.


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> In other words, in the long term, the planet will be ok, but in the
> short term, *we* may not be.  It isn't about saving the planet; it's
> about saving ourselves.
Which is really the point isn't it? Asteroids, drastic climatic changes,
Volcanism, the wrath of an angry god, whatever you want to put it down
to, it all becomes Yet Another Test of Just How Fit You Are. If you have
brains enough to propagate elsewhere (as in off-planet) you win. If you
don't, you risk a very good likelihood that 100my from now, the "next
in line" will be arguing over how to mount OUR skulls and why WE disappeared
so suddenly. I'm not trying to present this as New Age Galactic Peace Agent
mysticism, just common sense. You stand up under a tree in a lightning storm
long enough you have to expect to get hit. Unfortunately, I don't think we
as a race really care all that much.....