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On (a bit) of a tangent to the rodent/MTB gnawing on bones kind of stuff, it's
interesting that many modern herbivores elicit unusual behaviour on encountering
bones. Firstly, some herbivores suffering Ca deficiency solve the problem in
strange ways: deer living on a Ca-poor island (somewhere around Scotland) years
back began biting the heads and feet off live seabird chicks! Where do you draw
the border around carnivorous behaviour when considering this kind of behaviour?

Porcupines, and other rodents probably also, actually go out and collect bones,
and take them home to gnaw. In fact, porcupine-collected bone stores are partly
responsible for what was once thought to be a facet of australopithecine
behaviour - killing and eating big vertebrates.

Ever seen elephants encounter elephant bones? Now that's interesting.....

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