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Re: Palaeontology and the Environment

On Jul 28, 11:50, Stephen Okay wrote:
} Subject: Re: Palaeontology and the Environment
> > 
> Which is really the point isn't it? Asteroids, drastic climatic changes,
> Volcanism, the wrath of an angry god, whatever you want to put it down
> to, it all becomes Yet Another Test of Just How Fit You Are. If you have
> brains enough to propagate elsewhere (as in off-planet) you win. If you
> don't, you risk a very good likelihood that 100my from now, the "next
> in line" will be arguing over how to mount OUR skulls and why WE disappeared
> so suddenly. I'm not trying to present this as New Age Galactic Peace Agent
> mysticism, just common sense. You stand up under a tree in a lightning storm
> long enough you have to expect to get hit. Unfortunately, I don't think we
> as a race really care all that much.....

The data isn't in yet.  100my is a very, *very*, long time.  Just
'cause we haven't propagated off the planet in the last 30 years
doesn't mean we won't sometime in the next million...

Think geological timescale!  Your pessimism is extremely premature.

(This is getting off dinosaurs, so I don't intend to pursue this any
farther on the list.)

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