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Re: Asteroid vs. Dinosaurs [and all other life]]

On Jul 28, 11:39, JohnE37179@aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: Asteroid vs. Dinosaurs [and all other life]]
> Preserve Extinction.  One of the concepts that I find difficult to swallow is
> that we should interpt the natural extinction process because the species
> that is causing extinction is h. sapiens. Would we feel the same if it were
> some other species; usula horbilus etc.? Why would we want to create a static
> environment with no extinction?

Who's talking about creating "a static environment with no extinction"?

And what exactly do you mean by "the natural extinction process" with
regard to human-caused extinctions?   If you define everything that
happens as "natural", "natural" means absolutely nothing.

And yes, we *do* feel the same way about other species that cause
extinctions; see the zebra mussel, for example, or mongoose imported
to island ecosystems, or any number of other examples.

"Preserve Extinction."  As if it was in any danger of being
eliminated!  What an idiotic concept.

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