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Re: Every Bone is Precious

Just to illustrate one of Mike Bonham's points (and perhaps
this will alleviate Roger's depression somewhat): I recently
read David Gillette's book _Seismosaurus_(1994), in which he
went into some detail about his attempts to involve sensing
technology in the search for the unexposed segments of the
beastie. He had a well articulated set of vertebrae from which
he could make a good guess as to the path along which it lay
under a 10 foot overburden. He, and his team, saw this as a 
perfect opportunity to bring in some friends from Los Alamos
National Laboratory, in order to experiment with various
forms of underground sensing technology. Unfortunately, they
met with limited success, but the experiments showed some
promise for future excavations. 
Also, related to Kevin Tice's question about histology, Gillette's
book has a good chapter on bone histology, and the chemical
events that occur between the time bone is layed down and 
when it is exposed (Anusaya (sp?) Chinsamay had an article in
the June _Natural_History_ about this topic also--it doesn't deal
directly with blood or soft tissue, but it is related, tangentially).

--Mark Hamilton