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Re: Room to Breathe update and Bone Gnawings

At 11:00 PM 7/27/95, Lightwaves@aol.com wrote:
>Howdy folks,
>Well, last Saturday (AOL chat room) was a bust, of sorts. Only Skip of UAMS,
> made an appearance, yet we had a good talk. He made the suggestion that we
>use a forum he is already co-moderator of, and switch to a weeknight. I will
>conceed his ability is far superior to mine, and has connections I envy. So,
>look for his posting on this subject.

        As a basis for comparison, we of CompuServe's Dinosaur Forum have
held regular and special  conferences in the past -- I can't say I'm
familiar with AOL's architecture, but in CIS, each forum has a series of
conference rooms.  We've had as few as 4 people in a conference, and as
many as 20 or so (sometimes we've had to split into two rooms!)  Generally,
these conferences are organized within the forum (that is, it's the
regulars who've made up the attendants of the cons), but there have also
been conferences just for kids.  We're currently working on a series of
guest "speakers" for conferences:  these would be moderated cons at which
questions are given to a moderator, who then presents them to the guest,
thus bypassing potential cyberchaos when a bunch of people fire questions
off all at once!

Jerry D. Harris
Schuler Museum of Paleontology
Southern Methodist University
        (Compuserve:  73132,3372)

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