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Re: Asteroid vs. Dinosaurs [and all other life]]

I am perpetually amazed at the anthrocentric nature of human thought. What
Earth history teaches, and what cybertechnologies imply is the following.

Mass extinctions are normal, humans are a product of nature. T
he current human induced mass extinction is no therefore not unusual or
markedly different than 

that those of the past. Human effects on the planet have been minor compared
to natural changes (Ice Age glaciers deforested upper half of North America,
enhouse effect was far more severe in Mesozoic, and so on).

Of course humans will not be around much longer. C
omputer power is growing a thousan
d fold every twenty years, and is approaching human levels. Within 30-50
years conscious minds far more powerful than ours will probably be built.
Humans will transfer their minds into these systems in short order and esse
ntially dissappear. It will be a classic punctuated evolutionary event.
Humans will be as important as chimps, and 

there extinction will be of no importance. Who cares if a big comet hits 50
Myr from now, or if the sun burns out. Altering the structure of the universe
so that minds are immortal, now that's interesting! (Note that in this view
of evolution future robots will in effect creat god, the creationist [i.e.
Christian etc] view that a God created the universe is not viable). 

Concerning paleo via remote scanning technologies, the robotic scientists
will have no trouble developing the 

systems needed to scan all the dinosaur bearing formations and surveying all
the skeletons (must be billions of them) remotely, and then assessing the

For more info read 

MIND CHILDREN Hans Moravec 1988

BEYOND HUMANITY Gregory Paul & Earl Cox due out in fall