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Room to Breathe update and Bone Gnawings

Howdy folks,

Well, last Saturday (AOL chat room) was a bust, of sorts. Only Skip of UAMS,
 made an appearance, yet we had a good talk. He made the suggestion that we
use a forum he is already co-moderator of, and switch to a weeknight. I will
conceed his ability is far superior to mine, and has connections I envy. So,
look for his posting on this subject.

Now, thanks to those that exposed my ignorance once again, concerning the
rodent gnawings.   :-)    I just figured calcium was, and always will be, an
important mineral, and no small mammal capable of biting off tiny bits will
let it go to waste. It seems this behavior was (is) one of opportunity too
important to pass up. I didn't even bother to think of when rodents evolved.
Doh!  :-)

One reasom I asked this rodent question was a recent observation in the
field. I saw a Sage Rat's (Thompson's Ground Squirrel)  hole near our dig
sight, and wondered how many bones they encounter during their tunneling
operatons. Also, I wondered if they do damage to bones now.

One more thing before I shut up;
I saw the results of weathering on cretaceous bones, and it's not a pretty
sight.  In fact it's very sad to see a hadrosaur femur turning to rubble. We,
dino freaks, need to raise a lot of money to recover as much material as we
can before these world treasures are lost forever. There are plenty of us
willing to do the work, and money seems to be the ONLY thing happering
recovery. I don't know how to go about this, but it HAS to be done. VP seems
much more important (to me) than war machines, considering how little we
actually know about ancient life.

Soapbox speech over, anti-depression medicine in hand(MGD), and dreams of
next year's dig filling tiny brain.

   "Yeah, but it's a dry heat." Aliens

Roger A. Stephenson / lightwaves@aol.com / PowerMac user-Pro Artist