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Posting edict and my last posting

I am new to this list, and my first posting was answered rather rudely by
some and without any substanance by others.  I appologize for any errors on
my part, and for  offending anyone on the list directly.  I have been reading
most of the listings posted, and thought my request was straight forward and
followed the tone and content on the other listing presented.  sorry.

So, I will try it again and expand a little.

My name is Kevin Tice; I am a geology student at Cal State Univ. Fullerton.
 My main are of interest and research is in Paleontology and the study of
paleoerythrocytes and bone histology, especially from the Mesozoic.  This is
something I have been investigating for the past year, and will be spending
more time with in the Fall.

My question is this:

Does anybody know of any researcher's who are working with or have even
located dino blood (fossilized erythrocytes).  What would also be helpful is
any references dealing with this subject of fossilized erythrocytes or other
related soft tissues.  

I would be very interested and greatful for any information and comments you

Thanks in advance to all who reply

Kevin Tice