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Re: Asteroid vs. Dinosaurs [and all other life]]

    After reading Diane Ainsworth's release about sulfur deposits giving
clues to dino's demise one can only reflect and feel rather insignifigant.
Just think of a world plunged into 6 months of dark and cold.  Evolution
states the strongest survive, but this is amazing.
    I believe the really sober thought is that without man the Earth was
able to rebound from such a cosmic disaster.  It has been said time heals
all wounds.  The repopulation of the Earth proves it.
    With this thought at hand I beleive it's time for man to take himself
off his self exhalted throne and live with rest of the world.  Man's
technological advances which he believes will ease his daily survival end
up complicating it.  From the earliest blacksmiths man has polluted his
environment trying to make his own exsistence easier.  Now he has to go
back and clean up the mess he created to while trying to improve his

    Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not one of those tree hugging liberals nor
am I politically correct.  If you have another theory for the extinction
of dinosaurs and the evolution of life on this planet I'd love to hear it
as long as supreme beings are not involved.  It's depressing, but
probably inevitable that man will some day be dethroned as the greatest
force of speciation on this planet.  We may do it to ourselves or there may
be another cosmic calamity.  Who knows?  (rhetorical question, not a plea
for diety) The world will keep right on ticking with or without mankind.
There species yet to evolve which will become extinct without man and
there some that will become extinct because of man.
    When it is all said and done what will our fossil record say about us?

    What makes science interesting in not knowing all the answers.

just some food for thought......

Dave S.