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Re: Dinosaur NM

>This seems a great pity! What are the chances or running in a mine adit in
>the same way that they did at Dinosaur Cove?

        ...it had something to do with money, if I recall correctly
(doesn't everything?!?)  Hey, I suppose that if we all volunteered our
time...  ;-)

>I have perfected the first 3D hidden image for the Email. It goes like this;
>                        3879)-4 _(28m,.,>-2-_)_{}/
>                        .)))){][][^%$%&49 =-i_94+9
>                        #$%%$%^##$%^%%^&%&*%^&@%#$
>                        (+)+[=-0*@90490%^&0!#%0934
>                        974 23*(&&#@@##$%^%%^&%&*%
>                        %%^&%&*@#@)9)9}[][["]{/6%#
>                        8m,.,>-2-04 9094 909348-37
>                        &&*)90)()()(974 23*(&&#@@@
>If you look at this and focus two feet behind your screen, you should see a
>phacoptid trilobite.

        Uh...is this supposed to be in a monospaced font?

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Schuler Museum of Paleontology
Southern Methodist University
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