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Heeeeeey! I though things were supposed to wind down for the summer, guys, not
hot up. Anyway, if you are in the UK between november 28th and december 3rd,
come along to Yaohan Plaza, Edgeware Rd, Colindale (1 mile N of M1/north
circular junction) for the next Dinosaur Convention. It will be cool - we've got
all the Brit artists going (Mike calls Luis ''feathers' Rey' which is unfair as
I was the one wearing the 'Scaly Protobirds No Thanks' T-shirt to the last
convention) and loads of models and stuff on show. I might be attempting to sell
some of my designs...

ANYWAY, dig this:

'Of course as every Dinophile knows there is no known dinosaur from Japan. the
rocks are either the wrong age or from the wrong environment.'

Now is this tosh or what? Japan has quite a few dinosaur fossils doesn't it? I
would have been sure that it does, but this statement (from Dinosaur Collectors
Club Newsletter 11) makes me doubt what I know. Help!

"If you only knew the _power_ of the Dark Side"
"Bats aren't rodents Dr. Meridian"
"Unarmed combat? Marksmanship?"  "Ethics"
"The beast of the field are mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills"
"Earth? But they are barbarians.. they bare their flesh to the air.. they touch
unprocessed soil..."
"There is a food made in plants from the sun's rays which has grown on Earth for
a hundred million years. It is a source of pure food energy. Its taste tells us
when something is ripe. It forms part of the natural diet of virtually every
living creature, from the smallest.... to the greatest. It is one of the fuels
of life itself. In what form do we know this food best?"
"The creature shot away from me, hit perhaps that tree there, and catapulted
back in my direction. It then shot away again in the general direction of Sally"
"You would want to defend yourself from a animal like this"

Intelligent carrots?