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Re: Dinosaur NM

At 2:28 PM 7/24/95, Stan Friesen wrote:
>This sounds like it might be Utahraptor.
>Date, location, and size all seem to fit anyway.

Stan et al -

        In re the theropod mentioned at DNM -- this is probably the new
animal that Dan Chure is calling the "Not An Allosaur," which, as it turns
out, is probably a new species, if not genus, of allosaurid.  The skeleton
has been surface prepped and, last I heard, was on display at the monument.
It's gorgeous, from what I've seen in pics:  a complete, heavily
articulated skeleton (even the clavicle is in place!) lacking a skull and
the distal caudal verts.  THe skull may still be at the site, but there's
several hundred tons of hillside rock sitting over it, and there are no
plans to go in after it, if it's there.

Jerry D. Harris
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Southern Methodist University
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