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New ref

 This just came in, can;t recall if it's been discussed:

  Gauffre, Francois-Xavier. 1995. First description of a prosauropod
    dinosaur from the Upper Triassic of southern France (alzon,
    Gard). C.R. Acad. Sci., Paris, Series IIa, 320:1219-1223.

 Scrappy dino material assigned to Prosauropods but no detailed naming
 done for it. Oh well, another small check mark in locality list...

 By the way, I consider the most telling weakness of "creation-scientists"
 is that they don;t really present significant data for anything they are
 promoting but spend most of their time trying to poke holes in "evolution",
 generally concentrating on antiquated ideas and already disproved
 evidence against. The history of the man/dino footprint stuff is an
 amazing example in that many used the older, fabricated prints as evidence
 against the lay public even after they were known frauds and the later ones
 that metamorphosed into theropods were only human like to the very desperate.
 But they were handy for misleading those without detailed knowledge.

 Tis a pity...

 Ralph Chapman