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Theory of Evolution

The thread about the theory of evolution seems to me to show a 
lack of infomation about Carl Popper's theory of science.  In his
early wrtings he defined a "theory" as an idea which is 
"falsifiable", i.e. something that can be tested by some prediction
that could be true or false.   Only falsity has any value - truth
could be just a coincidence.   

On this basis  he claimed that evolution was not even a theory, 
since it could not be tested, unlike relativity which has several
possible tests, all of which hvae  co me up positive.  

He l ater revised his ideas, and decided that "evolution" was a
valid theory of another kind.  It is so long since I read Popper
that I can't remember the refs, but any of you who are interested
in theories of evolution should read him.  He's well worth-

Down with those ill-informed  creationists.  They know n othing 
about science.


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA