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T. rex specimen "Sue"

 Just wondering... anyone aware of any new developments 
regarding the status of the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen 
nicknamed "Sue" that was collected by the Black Hills 

 Last I heard, a judge had declared the specimen to be real 
estate, and granted ownership of the beast to the owner of 
the land from which it was collected. The Sioux Nation then 
sued that individual in hopes of gaining ownership, and the 
Black Hills Institute also had its hat still in the legal 
ring. "Sue," in the meantime, was still locked up at the 
South Dakota School of Mines.

 Anything further happened with the case since I received 
the preceding update?

Name: Michael Edward Purvis
E-mail: us009472@pop3.interramp.com (Michael Edward Purvis)
Date: 06/23/95
Time: 09:40:26

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