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Re: Re: Reply to Gilgamesh

Taking a little time from working on my book on the evolution of intelligent
robotic systems and getting on line for the 1st time while it's still

To back up 

Tom H on evolution........

Dismissing the "Theory" of Evolution because it is just anoth


exposes a profound lack of understanding what theory means in science. As TH
explains it is not the equivalent of a legal theory

. A set of scientific hypotheses - a theory - always remains a theory no
matter how good and complete the evidence for it is. 

E.g. the Theory of Relativity will always be a theory even if the speed of
light is never exceeded.

In reading 
arguments by creationists I am always shocked at their obvious lack of
knowledge of basic science
The fact is that the reality of evolution is as well documented
 as the Eart not being the cente
r of the Universe, the Big Bang, and the size and age of the universe. In
fact, the Theory of Evolution is better supported than the Theory of

ere is tentative evidence that the speed of light can be exceeded, and many
cists disputes Einstein views on gravity, especially over cosmic distances.
Creationism is far from being a science due serious consideration and debate.

t is so pathetically weak that it is another superstition like alien
abductions, astrology, witchcraft, 

dragons and deity worship. 

Regarding the lack of transitional forms

, it's a losing game in which creationists say "you do not have a
transitional species here yet", the paleontologists find one, and the
creationists say "well, OK, but you do not have a 
transitional species HERE yet". Mud skippers are not transitional forms
because they are not related to 
an earlier species that evolved into a land animal. Lobe finned fish are
semi-transitional forms because they are related to a greater or lesser
extent to whatever form of lunged fish evolved into amphibians.      

There should be a rule that all creationists be compelled to get a solid
education in paleobiology, geology and the principles of science etc before
they argue their case. Would save us all a lot of trouble! Would require
reeducating about half the general population though.

Ought to write a book someday.