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Re: Reply to Gilgamesh

Just a few short notes about fossils- It would be really great 
if every animal that ever lived was obliging enough to provide
us with a fossil record- Unfortunately most animals have left
no record at all.  Most animals are eaten by others, or if not
are consumed by bacteria and insects. 

Fossils are rare- considering the shifting of the continents, weathering
non preservation of soft tissue etc- Neverthless there are transitional 
forms - among them transitional forms to an animal that exists at present
that may be of some little interest- Homo Sapiens.

 Start a few million years ago then we have
 in chronolgical order

  Afrensis (sp?) Upright walking, small brain, ape like teeth

  Homo Habilus- Bigger brain, tool user, more adapted for upright

  Homo Erectus- Brain within the (lower) range of modern
                          humans, good tool user, spread throughout
                          the Asian and European Continents.

  And -Homo Sapiens, Sapiens - Us 

There are also well recorded transitional forms to 
the present horse, and between dinosuars and birds 
and several "living fossils" especially amphibians that
live in water, but have partially adapted "fins" as 

What the fossil record DOES NOT show is.

1. Any evidence of creation.

2. The appearance of any completely novel animal, without
 antecedents (IE like a horse and dinosaur at the same time
or flowering plants when life was still confined to the ocean.

Before criticising Evolution it is helpful if you know what you are criticising
CNN is not renowned as a source of scientific info- You may have to
(gasp, shiver, horror) read a book.

        Tony Mills
         Roehampton Institute
          wk ++ 181-392-3121