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 Subject: Paleobiology position at NMNH

 From: Doug Erwin
 Subject: Paleobiology position at NMNH
                           Department of Paleobiology
                     National Museum of Natural History
                            Smithsonian Institution

     The Department of Paleobiology invites applications for the
 position of RESEARCH PALEONTOLOGIST.  Applicants must have a Ph.D or
 equivalent experience with a background in geology, zoology or both.
 Seeking candidates with a research specialty in either vertebrate or
 macro-invertebrate fossils.  Preference will be given to those showing
 evidence of a continuing commitment to a strong and innovative program
 of independent and collaborative research that uses data from fossil
 specimens to approach questions of broad paleobiologic significance. In
 addition to research, duties will include oversight of the expansion and
 improvement of collections, participation in museum activities such as
 exhibits and education, and involvement with professional associations
 and other organizations within the scientific community.
 This is a Federal Civil Service position; US citizenship is required.
 Starting salary $41,104 to $57,760 pa depending on qualifications.

    For a complete applications package, call (202) 287-3715; Request
 Announcement Number 95-1129R.  Applications must be postmarked by
 October 16,1995.  EEO/AA

Mike Brett-Surman                mnhpb018@sivm.si.edu