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I spent a whole morning writing all about the Bournemouth Dinosaur Safari I
visited yesterday, only to have the computer close down on me and dissolve my
mailbox. Sodding machines..

Well, forget that. It know looks like I've got the ref for the cryolophosaur
article. Basically, the authors spiel on about how, what with _Cryolophosaurus_
appearing so early in the Jurassic and all, theropods were evolving explosively
in this time of major dinosaur radiation (Paulian shades here, see PDOTW). What
with _Cryo_ and _Monolophosaurus_ also, the diversity and temporal range amongst
allosaurids expands. Therefore, I guess, some elect to disagree on the
affinities of these theropods. We initially thought (i.e. before the animal was
described) that _Cryo_ was an abelisaur, as the first pictures put out gave it
a very carnotaur-like profile - brow horns included! _Cryo_ actually has small
pre-orbital hornlets - M. Anton's picture showed these hornlets as post-
orbital, and also gave the animal a skull shape that didn't entirely fit what
is known of the skull. Now how would an animal with a crest like that of
_Cryolophosaurus_ have behaved? I suppose that head butting wouldn't be such a
cool idea.

Having just illustrated the animal for my current project, I have decided that
_Carnotaurus sastrei_ is my favourite dinosaur. I did initially refuse to choose
a favourite, as to pledge allegiance of affection to one would imply lack of
enthusiasm for the others but, what the hell. _Carnotaurus_ would look amazing
when alive - the best reproduction I've so far seen is at Devil's Canyon. It's
a near life-size model, running and done with tiger-striping. _Carnotaurus_ is
gracile, with very interesting dermal adornment, a totally weird skull and even
weirder hands (I'm not even gonna mention them for fear of argument). I wonder
if it could still bite big enough chunks out of herbivores to kill them? If not,
well, how did it kill? I'd much appreciate hearing what others have to say on
this dinosaur. Must go now, hope to talk soon! Bye.

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