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Re: All other life...

> >was some discussion of a naturally occuring nuclear reaction that
> >erupted
> > many millions of years ago in the Sahara. (I wasn't paying enough
> >attention
> >to actually remember the date).   It very likeley wiped out a number
> >of local
> >species.
> Yes, well you sound like you are describing a nuclear explosion.  If you are,
> frankly I don't see any way this could have possibly happened.  Any nuclear
> detonation likely to occur on earth requires substantial quantities of highly
> refined materials and would necessarily be unnatural since someone would have
> to do the refining.  Perhaps these people were suggesting that a flying
> saucer exploded in the Sahara, or perhaps a dinosaurian intelligence achieved
> command of the atomic nucleus, since these are about the only ways you are
> going to get a nuclear explosion there before the rise of man.

Umm, if you go back and look at the message, you'll see that she said 
didn't say "explosion". "Extremely short exothermic reactions" aren't
the sole domain of nuclear processes.  
What would you call something like Chernobyl for example? 

I only had a year or so of geology in college so I won't pretend like I have
the current tectonic map still memorized to say whether this could have 
happened in the stated location. It would seem to me however that
fissile ores put under the right tectonic stress or exposed due to an upheaval
of some sort could create the kind of reaction you'd need for a nice, toasty,
deadly "fire". 


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