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Re: Is Nessie a Smartfish?

In a message dated 95-07-30 19:14:49 EDT, colvint@CC.IMS.DISA.MIL (Terry
Colvin) writes:

>Well Oogo seems to have got this right. If so, then in Loch Ness is a 
>representative of one of the major races of the galaxy which can select 
>its inherent form; large or small, 0 or 2 or 4 limbs, winged
>or aquatic. Even human-like. Following this data set through:
>Nessie would be an intelligent water-dweller. A high tech amphibian, 
>or so a reliable ancient Persian recorded regarding creatures known 
>about in the relatively recent history in his own time. Small wonder 
>she is elusive - she is not there most of the time!

Hey--What IS this Barf-OLA? I thought this was a SCIENCE list!