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Dinosaur Educator/Preparator Position

POSITION:  Dinosaur Educator/Preparator - funded for one year beginning 
September, 1995 for $25,000 + amenities including housing, food 
allowance, travel & supplies.

Gunnison Watershed School District RE1J (Colorado) in conjunction with 
Western State College invite applications for a one year position of 
dinosaur educator/preparator funded by the Goals 2000: Educate America 
Act.  The project will require the work of a person who has experience in 
earth science education and dinosaur paleontology.  A partially 
reconstructed Apatosaurus skeleton is housed on the Western State campus 
and is to be reconstructed and used in the program.  It should be 
stressed that the education aspects of this position are paramount and 
the applicant, ideally, should have some K-12 education and/or curriculum 
development experience.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Allen Stork at (970)641-3267 or
Dr. Bruce Bartleson at (970)641-2233 - Dr. Bartleson cannot be reached at 
this number after Aug. 15, 1995.