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Is Nessie a Smartfish?

Is Nessie a Smartfish?

Well Oogo seems to have got this right. If so, then in Loch Ness is a 
representative of one of the major races of the galaxy which can select 
its inherent form; large or small, 0 or 2 or 4 limbs, winged
or aquatic. Even human-like. Following this data set through:

Nessie would be an intelligent water-dweller. A high tech amphibian, 
or so a reliable ancient Persian recorded regarding creatures known 
about in the relatively recent history in his own time. Small wonder 
she is elusive - she is not there most of the time!

These  "part fish, part man" creaturs are reported all over the world. 
They deserve protection urgently, they are so precious, so neglected, 
so potentially benevolent.

What do they look like? Some have a long neck like Nessie, that is, 
"emu-like" as the Aborigines described them. Some - the male of the 
species? - are decorated like a Chinese or Balinese dragon.           2

Here may well be the mythical rainbow serpent. It was reported 
not long back that some tribal people near the Oz Qld-NSW border
are trying to get the white people to stop using speedboats on one 
of their sacred lakes. True to form, the redneck types are upset 
about this. There's a lake a few hundred miles from here may have
one too.                                                              

These globally dispersed Nessies seem disinclined to talk to people 
now, but then it is a matter of history that they have been routinely 
attacked and killed during the last 2OOO years. Some, perhaps the 
Oracles of old, seem to have escaped into northern Europe when the 
Christians set about dismantling civilization. Mediaeval mythology 
speaks of "dragons" that guarded some remarkable "treasure" that       
could apparently be broken up into the more familiar gold, silver
and precious stones. Perhaps water-resistant high technology?

They have been around a while. The Dogon of Africa desribe them as     
the Nommos, known also to the Babylonians. They said they came from 
Sirius but somehow Saturn gets mixed into the tales. "Nommos" seems
to break down into "Nu-muse" - "fish/to think" or "thinking fish". 
Seems a logical thing to call an intelligent water dwelling species - 
the Thinking Fish or the Smartfish.

How did they get here? Well, ancient tales speak of the gourd or       
ark that carried the alien-Nu to Earth. In the ancient tongue, 
"alien-Nu" might be called "Nu-arc" hence "Noah", the famous
wine-sea sailor. A burgandy coloured star-field, as opposed            
to the "milky way"?

Along the Nile, perhaps it was at the Nomes that the Nommos settled, 
one being Osiris lived on an artificial island surrounded by a moat 
within a temple. Large stone tanks are still at the Abydos complex. 
And perhaps that huge stone sarcophagos in the Cheops pyramid was 
for the use of this kind of ET or "god", suggesting this all 
occurred c 2400-2100 bc.

Versatile creatures! Perhaps they really could grow heads on demand, 
like the Bolivian beastie with three dog heads. In a longer term and   
convivial relationship they might grow a human head, grotesque as it 
might seem.  Perhaps the "dragon's treasure" included the legendary 
Celtic "cauldron of regeneration" from whence these strange-technology 
"miracles" were delivered.                                            

As history recalled, the fish-like and frog-like Egyptian gods were 
replaced somewhat violently by another being, perhaps known best as a 
Satyr. But that is another story, as is the tale of the Sons of Set.

Is humanity yet mature enough to accept the ongoing existence of the 
Nommos or Smartfish as the ancients did? Has the 2OOO "use by" date 
on Christianity nearly expired so we can once more deal with exotic 
entities in a secular and not a religious fashion? If only!

Will these mysterious "missionaries" from the stars fade into 
oblivion? Will they pass unthanked and perhaps even unrecognized into 
an increasingly impoverished and boring future? Maybe it is time 
humanity and the Nommos opened formal communications - again.

                                        Lawrie Williams


                \\\\\\\\\\\\\   oo   //////////////

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       "Camoflage patterns do, of course, also belong to the
        inner world, since they are formed from the stuff of the 
        universe by mental enzymes, which have a chemical reaction 
        on your plane...(they represent) the conversion of vitality
        into camoflage data which is then interpreted by the physical 
        senses.... The inner senses are capable of expansion and focus 
        in a way unkonwn to the outer ones, and the inner world, of 
        course, is a part of all realities. It is not so much that
        it exists similtaneously with the outer world, as that it 
        forms the outer world and exists in it also."
        [Seth/Jane Roberts in "Seth, Dreams and Projection of 
        Consciousness"  Stillpoint, Walpole NH 1986. p 131.]