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Re: T. rex and the Coelurosauria

In a message dated 95-07-30 13:24:01 EDT, you write:

>No, Tyrannosaurus is still more closely related to the sister group in 
>which Allosaurus belongs than to Ceolophysis.
>Historically, any large theropod found was placed in the Carnosauria.

While I agree with you on the "historical" reasoning regarding the
Tyrannosauridae, Tom Holtz has put out a paper that removes Tyrannosaurs from
the traditional Carnosauria and places them with the Coelurosauria based on
his "arctometatarsalian condition". So if you accept this reassignment, T.
rex ismore closely related to the Troodontidae, Elmisauridae, Avimimus, and
the Ornithomimosauria. In fact these families comprise a new taxon on the
theropod cladogram called Arctometatarsalia. Since Tom is on this list, and
he is  better qualified to elaborate on it, I will not go into the details
except to say that it is a very interesting paper and one that I think will
be widely accepted as the definitive Tyrannosaur paper. 

Holtz, Thomas R., 1994. The  phylogenetic position of the Tyrannosauridae:
Implications for theropod systematics.  Journal of Paleontology, v.68, no.5.

                                                           Thomas R. Lipka