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Re: Extinction-off topic

In a message dated 95-07-29 13:15:45 EDT, mbaker@CCGATE.UECI.COM writes:

>Since we have the maturity to diversify, and spread to other
>environments(space colonies, moon, Mars, etc.) we can beat abrupt
>extinction, and will probably become extinct by evolving into an even
>"higher" species.  We've already been to the moon, and the renewed
>interest in space gives me hope that this will happen in MY lifetime.
>No other earthly species has had this option.
With the advance of the science of genetics, we might create a "higher" being
(if we are lucky).  We have upset the process of natural selection within our
own populations and "evolution" is not acting in the purely Darwinian sense

I share your dream that we will soon lift our eyes to the bigger, more
important aspirations we humans have, like exploring and colonizing space,
but it seems as though our our country and our world is becoming more and
more bogged down in the mundane, the selfish, the trivial -- signs of a
post-classic civilization.  But maybe you'll make a difference.  Don't lower
your eyes.

Van Smith