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Re: All other life...

In a message dated 95-07-29 13:09:08 EDT, Flyinggoat@aol.com writes:

>Just recently on Sci.Geology there
>was some discussion of a naturally occuring nuclear reaction that
> many millions of years ago in the Sahara. (I wasn't paying enough
>to actually remember the date).   It very likeley wiped out a number
>of local

Yes, well you sound like you are describing a nuclear explosion.  If you are,
frankly I don't see any way this could have possibly happened.  Any nuclear
detonation likely to occur on earth requires substantial quantities of highly
refined materials and would necessarily be unnatural since someone would have
to do the refining.  Perhaps these people were suggesting that a flying
saucer exploded in the Sahara, or perhaps a dinosaurian intelligence achieved
command of the atomic nucleus, since these are about the only ways you are
going to get a nuclear explosion there before the rise of man.

You also state:
>   When a giant asteroid drops down from space, is this "natural" or
>"unnnatural"?   Both are certainly uncommon!

An asteroid impact, unless some deviant intelligence altered the asteroid's
course for collision, would be completely natural, since it is an act of

As sentient, thinking beings we not only have the ability to make decisions,
but also the depth of thought to perceive what the consequences of our
actions will bring for years into the future.  We have the ability to discern
Right from Wrong, Good from Bad.  Unless you believe that our destinies are
preordained like pool balls rolling on a pool table, then you probably
believe we have free will.  If we choose to wipe out all of the Giant Pandas,
or koalas, or dolphins, etc. then we are responsible, not nature.  When a
conciousness is introduced into a system, nature has a competitor for the
outcome of processes within that system.  It is whether a conciousness
(outside of Godly influences and other theistic concerns) is responsible for
an event that determines whether it is natural or unnatural.