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Re: Extinction-off topic

To continue on the 

subject of human induced versus "natural" extinctions.

Natural and artifical are useful descriptive terms to sort out what made wh
at, but humans are natural and all we do is therefore natural. No two ways
about it. 

It makes no difference to a species whether the natural cause of its
extinction is human or otherwise. Its dead in either case.

Tom H. is only partly right about human ability to choose. Human society in a
diverse, chaotic, clumsy system that will inevitably make mistakes, it is
under no ones' complete control. It is unavoidable that humans have 

killed off a lot of species. Early humans probably helped kill off a lot of
animals via hunting, landscape alteration and disease, the passaenger pigeon
could not survive 

American civilization. Does not mean we should not do our best with the

Yes, we can learn from past extinctions concerning how to save living
species, but the knowledge is limited.

To bring this back to dinos some, the Permo-Triassic and K/T extinctions were
far worse than what humans have done. All land animals over ~50 kg died off
65 Myr(!) years ago. many still live today. Again, human effects on the
environment are small potatos
 compared to 
natural effects, so spare us the tale that we have ruined the planet.

Sorry m

humans in space is the evolutionary equivalent of fish coming onto land in
fishbowls with wheels. Man in space is so impractical it will never happen. A
complete evolutionary transformation is required, and it will be in the form
of intelligent robots.

Cannot overemphasize to you all that the future is not a concern of humans as
we know ourselves! Wi
Ithin a hundred years there will probably be few or no people because we will
have replaced ourselves with

our cybertechnologies, just as H erectus has been replaced by H sapiens.