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Rodents, Multis & Dino bones

I enjoyed Michel Chartier's thoughtful comments.  I stand 
over th e date of origin of the true rodents.  It was a slip of
the pen (or keyborad) to say they originated in the Eocene.  He
is quite right - the started in the l ate palaeocen.  My comments
on the mammalian teeth in ALberta refered only to that site.  I
found no Multituerculate teeth there when I was sieving soil,
only insectivore, so I guess I  forgot the Multis.   Bone gnawing
by them is certainly possible.

I wish y ou  guys would stop writing "myr" for million years.  In
scientific notation the prefix "m" means     milli, so "myr" means
thousanths of a year.  100 myr would be justd o ver a month. The
correct way is  to use "M" for Mega or million.  And use the
inernational "a" for annum, not the anglocentric "yr" for  year.

Sorry to be so didactic.


>From: David Brez Carlisle
bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA