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Dinosaurs and thermoregulation.

Forwarded from the SKEPTIC mailing list:
In reply to Dr. H.J. Scrimgeour's posting on dinosaurs, there is one minor point
that begs attention. Dr Scrimgeour states that the larger dinosaurs may have 
been warm blooded, whereas the smaller ones were not. 

I personally think that the very biggest might well have been poikilotherms, 
whereas the smaller ones would have had to have had much better thermoregulation
systems, because of their surface area to volume ratio.

This being the case, it is most likely that insulation like feathers would 
evolve in the smaller dinosaurs, since these would have had the most to gain 
from having better insulation.

Quite coincidentally, the smaller dinosaurs were the only ones that would have 
been able to fly, so one could say that physics had pre-disposed smaller 
dinosaurs towards flight...

Dan H.