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Re: Is Nessie a Smartfish?

> Is humanity yet mature enough to accept the ongoing existence of the 
> Nommos or Smartfish as the ancients did?

Oh Dear!  And there was me about to post a 'serious' mail on Nessie.

I will anyway.  HA!  According to the popular local news paper in 
Glasgow (The Saturday Times), sounds of grunts and groans have been 
heard by the pilot and crew of a submarine in Loch Ness.  According to the 
Times "...they reckon they might have been eavesdropping on a hot 
passion in the icy depths of Loch Ness.".  I think the pilot and crew 
dived to too great a depth and they heard the submarine groaning and 
grunting (it is only a small sub).  Either that or they had a few too 
many drams of the local peaty 'water'!