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Re: and where did the parents come from?

>On Wed, 31 May 1995, D.W.Naish wrote:
>> "and where did the parents come from?" says Dan.
>> At the point in the film when they find the eggs (and they're meant to be
>> Velociraptor eggs), the electric fences have been down for some time and 
>> all the dinosaurs, including the raptors, have been out and about. I 
>> think the idea is that, having undergone a pretty speedy transexual 
>> process, the raptors have mated and  - presto - li'lle eggs and babies!
>Personally I suspect something like this;
>It looked neat so it went in the script, so it went in the film and 
>nobody bothered to worry about little details like continuity.
>And if you don't believe that, what about this?;
>When the raptors were first made they were released into a paddock like the 
>other dinosaurs. Only later did the staff realise how deadly they were 
>and what a bad idea this had been, and they rounded up as many raptors as
>they had initially released (not realising that some had already bred in 
>the wild because they didn't expect them to) and stuffed them in a 
>holding bay. The eggs Grant found were from the raptors that were still 
>running loose in their old paddock ( which had since been turned over to the
>Gallimimi, or Brachiosaurs, or whatever). So there may actually be dozens
>of the little spuds running around the island, maybe even hundreds by the 
>time the sequel happens (It's a good thing they don't have acid for blood :)

   If I recall the *book* correctly, that is precisely what happened.  More
to the point, the Deinonyraptors were not kept in a concrete pit, they were
kept in an electrified paddock, same as the other animals.  So they weren't
as closely observed as in the movie.  As a matter of fact, there were ADULTS
running loose on the island ... either because the younguns grew up, or
because Hammond never was able to capture them and never bothered to tell
anybody else about it.

    Remember, the Hammond in the book wasn't a kindly old grandfather.  He
was not above lying, nor putting the lives of the dinos above the lives of
the people.  He got his in the end though....

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