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Yes yes, this IS odd. Forgive me - no dinosaurs in this message - but there are
some of you out there with wider interests in vert. palaeo., and , even better,
some with access to wonderful earth science libraries!

Please help with the following;
1) Last year two protocetids were found in Pakistan. One, Ambulocetus natans,
is easy to find stuff on, but the other is far more elusive. It was described
by Gingerich et al, and I need a ref. Please help.
2) Some years ago the Swedish 'scientist' ?J. Leanan ammassed evidence to show
that whales weren't mammals, but descendants of ichthyosaurs. I require a copy
of his work for my own personal amusement... err.. my own personal research. Can
anyone help?
3) I also require a photocopy of the CETACEA section from THE FOSSIL RECORD 2
(ed: M.J. Benton). My usual source is presently fretting over his exams (quite
rightly I suppose) and is thus not helping. Can anyone please send a copy. I
will galdly send you something in return.

Incidentally, dinosaurs are actually terrestrial, scaly whales, as some recent
DNA findings show (that was kind of a joke, folks).

Thanks for any help,