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>1) No ground disturbance, or flying dust and debris, during the
>_Gallimimus_   stampede.

there was, but you may just have a tv resolution copy.  The crew that filmed
the area with the log in it set all kinds of small explosives ON THE LOG that
the animators dropped in the Gallimimii interacting with (ala Roger Rabbit),
so you should see several feet pass over the log with bark spraying off as
their feet pass over it. 
  Why they didn't do it for the ground may be the fact that the night before
(when the T rex gets out) there was this storm, so everything was damp, not
   (little side note: the lawyer in the T rex's mouth was the same computer
model that was T2 (of the movie of the same name) with shorts and a t-shirt
on.  Unusual re-use of movie props)

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)